The 1920s

JohnIrelandMy quest for English repertoire for cello and piano that needs a wider audience continues, and plans are now well advanced for a CD of works from the 1920s. All decades are arguably equally ripe for exploration, but the 1920s were a period of musical ferment. The Great War had inevitably left its mark, and in the cello repertoire we see engagement with the modernism prevalent on the Continent, the continued evolution of a typically English Romanticism, excitement at the inspiration found in folk music (not just of Britain), as well as hints of the trend towards concision seen later in the works of Alan Rawsthorne and the like.

I can’t reveal the repertoire list just yet, but it will be a fascinating combination of unknown works by well-known figures, and works by unknown figures brought to light for the first time. The disc will also include the Sonata by John Ireland as an anchor for the disc’s diversity. I am thrilled to be doing this major work: I learnt it from the late Derek Simpson, who in turn learnt it from Douglas Cameron, who premiered the work.