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Reviews – solo

  • wonderfully persuasive... of remarkable passion and conviction
  • grippingly expounded
  • skilfully navigated
  • arresting in his commitment
  • no lack of passion
  • dark red velvet
  • distinctive cello sound and personality
  • in assured and exultant form
  • fabulous playing
  • exceptionally musical
  • Other cellists, please copy!
  • rich and varied tone
  • glowing tone
  • great expressive effect
  • all the expressive power needed
  • beautifully played
  • superbly played
  • beguilingly played
  • ravishingly played
  • consistently from the heart
  • a joy to listen to
  • deserves repeated hearings

Reviews – chamber

  • first rate
  • engaging and beautifully assured
  • excellent performances
  • This is a very important release
  • lyrical strength and musical pleasure
  • You could easily imagine Bush foot-tapping in the great beyond