Percy Who?

SherwoodPicFor months now I have been protesting that the Anglo-German composer Percy Sherwood was a real discovery, though sometimes it felt like shouting into the wind, as he was completely unknown – even more obscure than the other composers I have dealt with in the past. My recording of Percy’s complete works for cello and piano, made with the brilliant David Owen Norris, is now available on Toccata Classics. The reviews are in, and it is gratifying to see that I am now not the only one to find this music thrilling, ravishing and individual.

David and I had the great pleasure recently of performing in Dresden, Percy’s home city, where his music has not been heard for the best part of a century. Percy would barely have recognized Dresden as it is today, but as we rehearsed in a beautiful Baroque palace directly overlooking the city’s famous Frauenkirche, I hoped he would have approved. In the same concert David and I performed the cello sonata by Percy’s teacher, Felix Draeseke, and again, this was music that had possibly not been heard in the city since Percy performed it with his friend Johannes Smith in late 1913, to mark the passing of Draeseke.

There are samples and a link to the Toccata website on the Recordings page.